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J12 was pretreated 2 weeks before PTX administration. (A) The effect of J12 on body weight in mice treated with or without PTX. No significant difference on model group and J12 treated group in mice. (B) Paw withdrawal threshold was significantly decreased at week 3 and maintained for more than 4 weeks in mice treated with PTX. (C) PTX did not have significant effect on cold tail withdrawal latency. (D) J12 at dosages of 5 g/kg and 10 g/kg both attenuated paclitaxel-induced mechanical hyperalgesia and thermal nociception. Similarly, no effect is observed with J12 on mice treated with or without PTX. **vs Control, p < 0.01; # vs PTX, p < 0.05; ## vs PTX, p < 0.01.