Article-processing charges

EDP Sciences supports the transition to Open Access for many of their publications. In this context and to facilitate this transition, EDP Sciences proposes the "Liberty APC" model, for the publication of accepted articles in Regenerative Medicine Research.

This means that each author is invited to fix his/her own level of Article processing charges (APCs) based on his/her individual situation regarding funding for his/her research and publications and other financial circumstances.

Regenerative Medicine Research is pleased to introduce this model for all articles submitted in 2016 and 2017. It reflects the situation of a journal that is still in its launch period, and therefore still allowing discounts on its APCs.

  • In 2017 the APC will be at the discretion of each author (Pay what you want).
  • The full APC that the journal aims to attain in the future is 1200 €.

Choosing an amount of 0€ is allowed in 2017. However choosing an APC above this amount will be a clear statement by the author to support:

  • the dissemination of science as widely as possible through open access publishing,
  • Regenerative Medicine Research by providing a further platform for the publication of clinical and technical applications and research as well fundamental research in regenerative medicine.

A prestigious Editorial Board is heading Regenerative Medicine Research, carrying out rigorous and independent peer review. Financial support for the journal is immediately used for maintaining and improving:

  • an up-to-date infrastructure for the article submission and evaluation process,
  • the publication of its content using various formats adapted to different reading habits,
  • tools for indexation and discoverability,
  • and establishing long-term content access and preservation.

The author of an accepted article is invited to select from different amounts the APC he is willing to be invoiced. After selecting his/her amount, the author will receive the corresponding invoice for publication of the accepted article.